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Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE)

Our SAFE course is designed to be delivered to personnel travelling to fragile, challenging and sometimes remote overseas environments. Companies, institutions and organisations sending their staff to such environments have a responsibility to ensure that they are best prepared to face and appropriately assess, avoid and react to situations that could otherwise be life threatening. Our bespoke training package, delivered by highly experienced trainers with backgrounds within the British Military, British Government and UK Police Forces, can be tailored to a specific environment, or cover a broader range of environments to meet every need.

Security and Situational Awareness

Our SSA course is designed to be delivered to staff of HNW households who want to add value to their employed role, whether that be caring for children, or as an assistant, whether supported by a security presence, or not. Being responsible for the daily support of HNW individuals or families can be challenging at times, and this training can assist in alleviating some of the pressures of the unknown.
All our trainers are qualified and experienced in the delivery of training to persons from within the military, governmental departments, companies and organisations, as well as private household teams.

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