Providing peace of mind is what we do here at Olorisk. It all begins with a bespoke assessment so you can tell us exactly what you need. Our expertise means we provide truly tailored, personalised services to all our clients. From residential security to close protection, everything we do at Olorisk is designed with you in mind. Our carefully selected partnership with specialist companies gives us access to the latest information and technology ensuring we always provide service excellence.

Residential Security

Our bespoke approach means that we can provide the exact level of protection to suit your particular requirements. From valuable art, jewellery or car collections to priceless racehorses and family pets, the things that are most important to you will be at the forefront of our bespoke solution. 

Residential security through physical presence is by far the best way of preserving the safety of your family and your home. The physical presence of our experienced, vigilant protection will act as a strong deterrent to any unwanted attention or intrusion. Our trained, licensed and experienced team can provide a physical presence as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with CCTV, alarms and access controls.

Residential Security
Close Protection Services

Close Protection

We understand that being and feeling safe are fundamentally important wherever you are and whoever you are. Our initial security assessment will identify all threats and risks you might face. Our experienced team of bodyguards will give you the peace of mind to feel completely protected while you continue with your day, wherever it may take you. 

Our solutions are always client-led, providing you with exactly what you need. This might be one personal bodyguard or a team of bodyguards to protect you. We will be there to provide a discrete service or visible protection based upon your personal preference.

Initial Security and Risk Assessment

Whether you are concerned about your individual safety or the security of your home, an Initial Security and Risk Assessment is the ideal starting point to determine your specific security requirements to ensure your peace of mind. 

The assessment establishes the contexts for each client, actual threats and risks. We create a Threats and Risks Profile to generate a vulnerability matrix and then consider mitigation options.

Risk Assessment
Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Risk Assessment

Whether you are considering a holiday, or a business trip to a high-risk destination, or simply need some protection while you are travelling, a Travel Risk Assessment is the ideal starting point. 

This assessment, which is ideal for both business and leisure travellers, is a comprehensive report which evaluates identified hazards, risks and threats then allows for the best advice towards mitigation. You can then travel with ease knowing that you are safe.