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What is a Security Assessment?

An Assessment looks at current security measures and advises how to reduce risk at minimum cost.

This can vary from simple measures within a household (such as improved everyday door/window/lock products) or updating an old security system with technological advancements, through to the use of a physical measures such as Residential Security or Close Protection.

The Assessment will also look at the Client lifestyle, establishing if any areas are exposing the Client to greater risk and how any such identified risks can be mitigated.


Why might you need a Security Assessment?

You are worried about something and want expert help in identifying and reducing risk to you, your loved ones or your property. Often, an Assessment is conducted following an event that has led to the Client considering their current security provisions, whether it be personal/direct to the Client themselves or following an event, such as a recent burglary, involving someone known by the Client.

What if you do not wish to engage the measures identified within an Assessment?

A Security Assessment only recommends solutions. At no point does a Consultant dictate solutions. The final decision always rests with the Client in all matters regarding which, if any, recommendations are implemented.

What if things surrounding your security needs change?

A Security Assessment is just that, an assessment. It can be conducted at any point the Client wishes. Should security needs change, or there be a change of mind towards a solution that was recommended, but not engaged, in a previous Security Assessment, this is not an issue. An Olorisk Ltd Consultant can be on hand to discuss any new requirements or needs at the Client’s convenience.

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