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Olorisk Ltd is a security consultancy company built on the belief in providing peace of mind through excellence in service delivery.

Olorisk Ltd believes the most important element of maintaining excellence in service delivery is listening to the Client. Without the Client, there is no delivery of service. By listening to the Client and providing what is required to an excellent standard, peace of mind can be provided.

The majority of Olorisk Ltd personnel have a UK military background combined with Close Protection training including vetting by the SIA and the company as a standalone process.

The level of experience of Olorisk Ltd personnel includes close protection to senior military officers; residential security and security consultancy throughout the UK, Middle East, Africa and Europe to a myriad of client-types, including; high net worth families, business executives, diplomats, celebrities, government officials and royalty.

Olorisk Ltd services include: Residential Security, Close Protection and Security Assessment.


We provide physical presence and peace of mind to ensure the protection and safe keeping of your home, your family, friends and pets and your valuables. Valuables include art, furniture and jewellery collections, car collections, race horses and cyber currency. We will complete a security assessment of your home and the surrounding area to design a custom solution that ensures optimal security.

Residential Security through physical presence is a multi-functional layer of deterrence, detection and response that provides much deeper protection than a standalone alarm or access control system.

Trained and experienced individuals entirely focused on your security is by far the best means of preserving safety and peace of mind at your residence.
These individuals can work as a stand-alone measure or in conjunction with technical measures, such as CCTV, alarms and access control.
All personnel have experience within country estates, city-based residences and internationally based properties.

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Close Protection provides a bodyguard, or a team of bodyguards, with the aim of providing protection and peace of mind to individuals, families or groups of people to protect against such instances as assault, robbery, theft and kidnap; whether targeted or random. This can be provided for specific meetings, public appearances, travel to high risk locations or on an ongoing basis. We will provide all the services around safety and privacy, including travel logistics, assessment of risk in locations and pre-arrival inspections.

We aim to provide individuals that combine discretion with expertise at the core protection role. We will provide individuals that are a good personality fit to the individual they are looking after.

Olorisk Ltd prides itself in excellence of service delivery, holding its Close Protection Operators, and all representatives, to exacting standards.

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The Security Assessment is an analysis of whether you need security and, if so, what level is required. Whether you are considering a holiday to a high risk destination, your neighbour has been burgled and you are considering how to prevent that happening to you, or whether you have a specific threat, such as a disgruntled employee, we will help you assess the risk and formulate an appropriate response that decreases risk at the minimum possible expense.

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